Designing a Collaboration Tool for a Luxury Goods Giant

Ace Consulting works with Louis Vuitton


To collaborate with their Distribution Center (DC) in Cranbury, New Jersey, Louis Vuitton’s Supply Chain (SC) Department in Manhattan had been using multifarious tools that are archaic and inflexible. They were tired of exchanging hundreds emails with multiple teams each day and combing through several platforms to compare or aggregate important log data.


Via interviews and ethnographic research with all stakeholders at the SC Dept. and the DC, we analyzed communication flow, identified pain points & conceived multiple use cases. With that, we began working towards a web-based solution. I was primarily involved in prototyping and workflow design. Post the design phase, the team conducted development, user testing and finally, deployment.


Thanks to our tool, we reduced the number of days for order fulfilment by one, halved the time spent on status checks, eliminated unfulfilled orders due to data entry errors and provided real-time awareness through alerts, reminder and emails.


Duration of project: 9 months

Tools involved: Balsamiq

Personal contribution & skills: Design Research, UI Design, UX Design, Presentation