Hi. I build things and make music

CURRENTLY, I'm a product manager at Oracle Data Cloud in New York. I partner with designers, developers, and go-to-market teams every day, leading things like: user research, design, usability testing, defining requirements, agile product development, analyzing usage, designing user guides & measuring success.

I BEGAN my journey in India where I studied engineering & design, building a 'super-mileage' car & publishing two papers on aero-dynamics. An intrigue for the data-driven engines of our universe led me to an MS at Columbia University, where I worked on projects with Louis VuittonChamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.

MUSIC is a key part of my life. With a classical piano upbringing & years of smacking drums for my band across South India, I began releasing music as a solo artist & producer in 2020 and have been featured in groovy publications like Rolling Stone India, Berlin On Air & Jazz in India.

MY GOAL is to bring happy and meaningful experiences to the world through the synthesis of music, design and technology.