A noble leopard (played by Smokey the Ghost) is captured by a poacher (played by Arshaq Malik) from the Serengeti jungle and sold to a circus where he's stripped of his dignity & freedom, until one night, he escapes to find his way back home.

Imagined, composed & produced by me and visually brought to life by Argentinian artist German Jorge, Circus Freestyle is a socio-conscious theatrical hip-hop piece with afro-jazz roots, shedding light on the nuanced issue of human-wildlife conflict. It features Indian rappers Arshaq Malik & Smokey the Ghost, as well as Zulu chants from the legendary Bongi Duma (Ensemble Lead of the Lion King musical on Broadway).

Credits: Composed, produced by Karan Viegas

Rap Vocals by Arshaq Malik & Smokey the Ghost

Zulu Vocals by Bongi Duma

Additional vocals by Karan Viegas

Additional violins by Roger Mendonca

Mixed by Karan Viegas

Mastered by Arshaq Malik

Concept & Storyline by Karan Viegas

Video Illustrated and Animated by German Jorge Video

Directed by Karan Viegas


Moot is a funky jazz fusion reflection on the dichotomy of emotions we've all experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Written & produced by Karan Viegas

Piano, synth, drums & percussion by Karan Viegas

Trumpet & flugelhorn by Oskar Stenmark

Electric guitar by Aleif Hamdan

Mixed by Karan Viegas

Mastered by Daniel Alba (Zampol Productions)

My debut single, Bicyclesong / The Triphonies of Kavi is a whimsically majestic, genre-fluid score to visuals that tell a story of a protagonist's bicycle tours around the world. 
The piece has three movements: the 1st founded in jazz fusion & big band classical, the 2nd an electronic, psychedelic tangent, and the 3rd a solo piano retreat after the climax.

Keys, drums/percussion, virtual orchestration & production by Karan Viegas

Clarinets by Alexander Parlee

Mixed by Karan Viegas

Mastered by Arshaq Malik

Video production by Karan Viegas 

The magnificent cast of The Lion King on Broadway swung by International House, New York for a panel and three of my exceptionally lovely friends - Lebogang Mahlare, Elena Ermeshina & Ayesha Amin - and I had the wonderful opportunity to sing with them!