Beauty in the Beast

My Design Exploration: the Supercar Concept Zenith100


I have been passionate about automobile design, like many, since childhood. This independent project was an exploration of automotive design ideas, exploring the confluence of proportion, function, art and craft. Having extensively studied aerodynamics and worked in an automotive team, I innately valued the importance of aerodynamic function and a human-focussed experience. I began with a series of sketches and ideas that I wanted to implement, and translated that to Solidworks via 3D surface modeling. The final renders were made on Keyshot Pro.


Inspired by stealth aircrafts, origami and notably, Lamborghini, I wanted the car to embody a strong, masculine identity, indicated by its characteristically sharp angles and cuts as well as its bold red color. There is particular artistry in the disruption, reunion and correspondence of curves, and impeccable detail in everything from the spoilers to the incorporation of the logo in the grills at the side and rear vents.

Duration of project: 40 hours

Tools involved: Solidworks, Keyshot Pro

Personal contribution & skills: Sketching, 3D Modeling, Industrial Design